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FGD wastewater characteristics Contains contaminants from coal, limestone, and makeup water High TDS, TSS Elevated heavy metal concentrations pH 50 to 65 Supersaturated with gypsum – extreme scale forming condition , Direct – Up to 100 ppm TSS Post Clarification

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FGD WASTE WATER TREATMENT Enter Text , Selective IX Resin removes Boron to

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wastewater discharge limits likely to be enforced for the FGD wastewater • The quantity of additional sludge generated by treatment of the FGD wastewater may exceed the sludge and solids handling capacity of the existing system The specific FGD wastewater treatment system must be designed to ,

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Therefore, FGD wastewater may contain as much as 7% suspended solids (if primary hydroclone overflow is used) or as little as 30 ppm of suspended solids (when using thickener or stacking pond .

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FGD is an evaporative process, so it concentrates these impuriti The wastewater from gypsum dewatering will have a pollutant content that depends mostly on the type of coal burned, the .

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The FGD wastewater can contain TDS in excess of 31,000 parts per million (ppm), total hardness of 30,000 ppm, chlorides of 20,000 ppm, and total suspended solids (TSS) of 10,000 ppm The blowdown wastewater is purged from the system whenever the chloride concentration in the water exceeds 20,000 ppm of chlorid


conducted to continuously treat 1-2 gpm of the FGD wastewater for five months at Plant Wansley, a coal-fired power plant of Georgia Power This demonstrated that the scaled-up system was capable of reducing the total selenium (of which most was selenate) in the FGD wastewater from over 2500 ppb to below 10 ppb and total mercury from over

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Coal-fired power plants that discharge flue gas desulfurization (FGD) wastewater will be , assumed that the scrubber vessel was initially designed for 8,000 ppm chlorides , based on and the operating chloride equilibrium level, constructed with Stainless Steel, 317 LMN (S317226)

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Based on the factors above, expected FGD blowdown, when limiting chloride content of FGD wastewater to 10,000 PPM, for various coals and plant capacities would be as shown below: